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Determine if input is event



tf = h.isevent('name') returns logical 1 (true) if the specified name is an event that can be recognized and responded to by object h. Otherwise, isevent returns logical 0 (false) .

tf = isevent(h, 'name') is an alternate syntax for the same operation.


The string specified in the name argument is not case sensitive.

For COM control objects, isevent returns the same value regardless of whether the specified event is registered with the control or not. In order for the control to respond to the event, you must first register the event using either actxcontrol or registerevent.


Create an mwsamp control and test to see if DblClick is an event recognized by the control. isevent returns true:

Try the same test on Redraw, which is a method, and isevent returns false:

See Also

events, eventlisteners, registerevent, unregisterevent, unregisterallevents

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