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An Address Book Reader

This example shows how to implement a GUI that displays names and phone numbers, which it reads from a MAT-file.

address book GUI

Techniques Used in This Example

This example demonstrates the following GUI programming techniques:

Managing Shared Data

One of the key techniques illustrated in this example is how to keep track of information and make it available to the various subfunctions. This information includes

The descriptions of the subfunctions that follow illustrate how to save and retrieve information from the handles structure. See Sharing Data with the Handles Structure for background information on this structure.

View Completed Layout and Its GUI M-File

If you are reading this in the MATLAB Help browser, you can click the following links to display the GUIDE Layout Editor and the MATLAB Editor with a completed version of this example. This enables you to see the values of all component properties and to understand how the components are assembled to create the GUI. You can also see a complete listing of the code that is discussed in the following sections.

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