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Mathematical Symbols, Greek Letters, and TEX Characters

You can include mathematical symbols and Greek letters in text using TEX-style character sequences. This section describes how to construct a TEX character sequence.

Two Levels of TEX Support

MATLAB provides two levels of TEX support, controlled by the text Interpreter property.

If you do not want the characters interpreted as TEX markup, then set the interpreter property to none.

Available Symbols and Greek Letters

For a list of symbols and the character sequences used to define them, see the table of available TEX characters in the Text Properties reference page.

In general, you can define text that includes symbols and Greek letters using the text function, assigning the character sequence to the String property of text objects. You can also include these character sequences in the string arguments of the title, xlabel, ylabel, and zlabel commands.

Example -- Using a Mathematical Expression to Title a Graph

This example uses TEX character sequences to create graph labels. The following statements add a title and x- and y-axis labels to an existing graph.

The backslash character (\) precedes all TEX character sequences. Looking at the string defining the title illustrates how to use these characters.

Controlling the Interpretation of TEX Characters

The text Interpreter property controls the interpretation of TEX characters. If you set this property to none, MATLAB interprets the special characters literally.

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