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Exporting in a Specific Graphics Format

Export a figure to a graphics-format file when you want to import it at a later time into another application such as a word processor.

Using the Graphical User Interface

  1. Select Export from the figure window's File menu.
  2. Use the Save in field to navigate to the directory in which you want to save your file.
  3. Select a graphics format from the Save as type list.
  4. Enter a filename in the File name field. An appropriate file extension, based on the format you chose, is displayed.
  5. Click Save to export the figure.

Using MATLAB Commands

From the command line, you must specify the graphics format as an option. See the print reference page for a complete list of graphics formats and their corresponding option strings.

This example exports a figure to an EPS color file, myfigure.eps, in your current directory.

This example exports Figure No. 2 at a resolution of 300dpi to a 24-bit JPEG file, myfigure.jpg.

This example exports a figure at screen size to a 24-bit TIFF file, myfigure.tif.

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