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MATLAB® provides many functions for performing mathematical operations and analyzing data. The following list summarizes the contents of this collection:
Matrices and Linear Algebra
Describes matrix creation and matrix operations that are directly supported by MATLAB. Topics covered include matrix arithmetic, linear equations, eigenvalues, singular values, and matrix factorizations.
Polynomials and Interpolation
Describes functions for standard polynomial operations such as polynomial roots, evaluation, and differentiation. Additional topics covered include curve fitting and partial fraction expansion.
Data Analysis and Statistics
Describes how to organize arrays for data analysis, how to use simple descriptive statistics functions, and how to perform data pre-processing tasks in MATLAB. Additional topics covered include regression, curve fitting, data filtering, and fast Fourier transforms (FFTs).
Function Functions
Describes MATLAB functions that work with mathematical functions instead of numeric arrays. These function functions include plotting, optimization, zero finding, and numerical integration (quadrature).
Differential Equations
Describes the solution, in MATLAB, of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and differential-algebraic equations (DAEs), initial value problems for delay differential equations (DDEs), and boundary value problems (BVPs) for ODEs. It also describes the solution of initial-boundary value problems for systems of parabolic and elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs). Topics covered include representing problems in MATLAB, solver syntax, and using integration parameters.
Sparse Matrices
Describes how to create sparse matrices in MATLAB, and how to use them in both specialized and general mathematical operations.
Nondouble Data Types
Describes how to perform operations on nondouble data types in MATLAB.

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