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Undocked Tools and Documents Example

You can use tools and documents outside of the desktop. One way to achieve this is to first undock the tool from the desktop by selecting Desktop -> Undock Toolname. Then undock documents from the undocked tool by selecting Desktop -> Undock Documentname from the tool. If you undock all documents from a tool, an "empty" tool window remains.

In this example, one of the Editor/Debugger documents, povertystats.m, includes the name of the tool with it and the other Editor/Debugger document, collatz.m, does not. Contrast this with the Array Editor documents, where neither document window includes the name of the tool. This is because when documents are undocked from both the desktop and their tool, you can close the tool but the tool's undocked documents remain open. If you closed the Editor/Debugger, the collatz.m document would remain open. To close all undocked documents and their tools at once, select Window -> Close All Documents from an undocked document window.

Image of MATLAB desktop and two Editor documents and two Array Editor arrays open outside of the desktop. The two Editor documents are separate from each other, as are the Array Editor arrays.

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