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Types of Documentation

The Help browser and help functions provide access to the following types of information for all installed MathWorks products. The icons shown here appear in the Help browser contents listing to help you quickly identify documentation by type.

Type of Documentation
Description and When to Use 
Getting Started icon
Getting Started
Review Getting Started documentation before you begin using a product or feature for the first time. Then, to learn more, go to the user guides, reference pages or demos and examples.
Release Notes icon
Release Notes
An overview of new products and features in a release. Release Notes include upgrade information and any known problems and limitations. Review the Release Notes for all your products when you first start using a new release.
Blue book icon
MATLAB and toolboxes use orange book icons , while Simulink, Blocksets, and related products use blue book icons .
Examples icon
Index of Examples
Accessible via the Help browser Contents listing, this is an index of the major examples included in the Help browser documentation.
User guide icon
User Guides (blue)
User guide material is comprehensive, containing overviews as well as detailed instructions. Consult it after reviewing Getting Started material.
Reference pages icon
Reference Pages (orange)
Each function has a reference page that provides the syntax, description, examples, and other information for that function. Each reference page includes links to related functions and additional information. Reference pages are also provided for blocks and properties.
PDF icon
Printable Documentation
Most products provide access to the online documentation in a printable format, PDF. Access PDF files via the Help browser and print them from your PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat. Most PDF files reside only on the MathWorks Web site, so you need an Internet connection to view them.
Web icon
Product Pages
Available on the MathWorks Web site, a product page contains the latest product information.
Web icon
Support and Web Services
Provides access to the MathWorks Technical Support searchable database, maintained on the MathWorks Web site. Use it to find solutions to questions posed by users.
Demos icon
MathWorks products come with demonstrations that run key features of the product. Many of the demos run MATLAB code. Use the Help browser Demos pane to access demos for the products you have installed.
M-File Help
Get M-file help in the Command Window to quickly access basic information for a function. It provides a brief description of a function and its syntax. It is called M-file help because the text of the help is a series of comments at the top of the M-file for a function.

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