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Defining MATLAB Commands as Input Cells for Notebook

To define a MATLAB command in a Word document as an input cell,

  1. Type the command into the M-book as text. For example,
  2. Position the cursor anywhere in the command and select Notebook -> Define Input Cell or press Alt+D. If the command is embedded in a line of text, use the mouse to select it. Notebook defines the MATLAB command as an input cell:

Note how Notebook changes the character font of the text in the input cell to a bold, dark green color and encloses it within cell markers. Cell markers are bold, gray brackets. They differ from the brackets used to enclose matrices by their size and weight. For information about changing these default formats, see Modifying Styles in the M-Book Template.

For information about defining other types of input cells, see

For information about evaluating the input cells you define, see Evaluating MATLAB Commands with Notebook.

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