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Configuring Notebook  

After you install Notebook but before you begin using it, you must configure it. (Notebook is installed as part of the MATLAB installation process on Windows platforms. For more information, see the MATLAB installation documentation for your platform.)

Before configuring Notebook, you must specify that Word can use the Notebook macros. Do either of the following:

This is not required for Microsoft Word 97.

To configure Notebook,

  1. In the MATLAB Command Window, type
  1. Notebook prompts you to specify which version of Microsoft Word you are using.

  1. Type the number that corresponds to your version. For example, type 3 if you have Microsoft Word 2002 XP.
  1. Notebook performs the setup. If Notebook cannot find all of the necessary files, it will prompt you to specify the locations of the files, including the Microsoft Word executable (winword.exe) and the template file (

    When setup is complete, the following message appears:

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