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M-Lint Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  1. Create, run, and debug an M-file, or multiple M-files in a directory.
  2. In the Current Directory browser, navigate to the directory that contains the M-files you want to check with M-Lint. In the toolbar, select the M-Lint Code Check Report from the Directory Reports listing. For the example shown, go to $matlabroot/matlab/help/techdoc/matlab_env/examples to use M-Lint to check lengthofline.m.
  1. The M-Lint Code Check Report displays in the MATLAB Web browser, showing those M-files that M-Lint identified as having potential problems or opportunities for improvement.

    Image of M-Lint report.

  1. For each message, review the message and code and make changes to the code based on the message as described here:
  2. Run and debug the file(s) again to be sure you have not introduced any inadvertent errors.
  3. If the M-Lint Code Check Report is already displayed, click the Refresh button to update it, or run the M-Lint Code Check Report again. Ensure the M-Lint messages are gone, based on the changes you made to the M-files.

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