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Accessing Data in Structure Arrays

Using structure array indexing, you can access the value of any field or field element in a structure array. Likewise, you can assign a value to any field or field element. For the examples in this section, consider this structure array.

You can access subarrays by appending standard subscripts to a structure array name. For example, the line below results in a 1-by-2 structure array:

The first structure in the mypatients array is the same as the first structure in the patient array:

To access a field of a particular structure, include a period (.) after the structure name followed by the field name:

To access elements within fields, append the appropriate indexing mechanism to the field name. That is, if the field contains an array, use array subscripting; if the field contains a cell array, use cell array subscripting, and so on:

Use the same notations to assign values to structure fields, for example,

You can extract field values for multiple structures at a time. For example, the line below creates a 1-by-3 vector containing all of the billing fields:

Similarly, you can create a cell array containing the test data for the first two structures:

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