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Character Representation

The following character combinations represent specific character and numeric values.

Alarm (beep)
Form feed
New line
Carriage return
Horizontal tab
Vertical tab
\oN or \o{N}
Character of octal value N
\xN or \x{N}
Character of hexadecimal value N
If a character has special meaning in a regular expression, precede it with backslash (\) to match it literally.

Octal and Hexadecimal -- \o, \x

Use \x and \o in an expression to find a comma (hex 2C) followed by a space (octal 40) followed by the character 2:

Special Characters -- \char

Use \ before a character that has a special meaning to the regular expression functions if you want that character to be interpreted literally. The intention in this example is to have the string '(ab[XY|Z]c)' interpreted literally. The first expression does not do that because regexp interprets the parentheses and | sign as the special characters for grouping and logical OR:

This next expression uses a \ before any special characters. As a result the entire string is matched:

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