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Replacing Lists of Variables with Cell Arrays

Cell arrays can replace comma-separated lists of MATLAB variables in

If you use the colon to index multiple cells in conjunction with the curly brace notation, MATLAB treats the contents of each cell as a separate variable. For example, assume you have a cell array T where each cell contains a separate vector. The expression T{1:5} is equivalent to a comma-separated list of the vectors in the first five cells of T.

Consider the cell array C:

To convolve the vectors in C(1) and C(2) using conv,

Display vectors two, three, and four with

Similarly, you can create a new numeric array using the statement

You can also use content indexing on the left side of an assignment to create a new cell array where each cell represents a separate output argument:

You can display the actual eigenvectors and eigenvalues using D{1} and D{2}.

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