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The diary function creates a log of keyboard input and the resulting text output, with some exceptions (see Remarks for details). The output of diary is an ASCII file, suitable for searching in, printing, inclusion in most reports and other documents. If you do not specify filename, MATLAB creates a file named diary in the current directory.

diary toggles diary mode on and off. To see the status of diary, type get(0,'Diary'). MATLAB returns either on or off indicating the diary status.

diary('filename') writes a copy of all subsequent keyboard input and the resulting output (except it does not include graphics) to the named file, where filename is the full pathname or filename is in the current MATLAB directory. If the file already exists, output is appended to the end of the file. You cannot use a filename called off or on. To see the name of the diary file, use get(0,'DiaryFile').

diary off suspends the diary.

diary on resumes diary mode using the current filename, or the default filename diary if none has yet been specified.

diary filename is the unquoted form of the syntax.


Because the output of diary is plain text, the file does not exactly mirror input and output from the Command Window:

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