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Overloaded method to display text or array



display(X) prints the value of a variable or expression, X. MATLAB calls display(X) when it interprets a variable or expression, X, that is not terminated by a semicolon. For example, sin(A) calls display, while sin(A); does not.

If X is an instance of a MATLAB class, then MATLAB calls the display method of that class, if such a method exists. If the class has no display method or if X is not an instance of a MATLAB class, then the MATLAB built-in display function is called.


A typical implementation of display calls disp to do most of the work and looks like this.

The expression magic(3), with no terminating semicolon, calls this function as display(magic(3)).

As an example of a class display method, the function below implements the display method for objects of the MATLAB class polynom.

The statement

creates a polynom object. Since the statement is not terminated with a semicolon, the MATLAB interpreter calls display(p), resulting in the output

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