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Functions -- Categorical List

The MATLAB Function Reference contains descriptions of all MATLAB commands and functions.

Select a category from the following table to see a list of related functions.
Desktop Tools and Development Environment
Startup, Command Window, help, editing and debugging, tuning, other general functions
Arrays and matrices, linear algebra, data analysis, other areas of mathematics
Programming and Data Types
Function/expression evaluation, program control, function handles, object oriented programming, error handling, operators, data types, dates and times, timers
File I/O
General and low-level file I/O, plus specific file formats, like audio, spreadsheet, HDF, images
Line plots, annotating graphs, specialized plots, images, printing, Handle Graphics
3-D Visualization
Surface and mesh plots, view control, lighting and transparency, volume visualization.
Creating Graphical User Interfaces
GUIDE, programming graphical user interfaces.
External Interfaces
Java, COM, Serial Port functions.

See Simulink, Stateflow, Real-Time Workshop, and the individual toolboxes for lists of their functions

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