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get (memmapfile)

Return memmapfile object properties



s = get(obj) returns the values of all properties of the memmapfile object obj in structure array s. Each property retrieved from the object is represented by a field in the output structure. The name and contents of each field are the same as the name and value of the property it represents.

val = get(obj, prop) returns the value(s) of one or more properties specified by prop. The prop input can be a quoted string or a cell array of quoted strings, each containing a property name. If the latter is true, get returns the property values in a cell array.


You can use the get method of the memmapfile class to return information on any or all of the object's properties. Specify one or more property names to get the values of specific properties.

This example returns the values of the offset, repeat, and format properties for a memmapfile object. Start by constructing the object:

Use the get method to return the specified property values in a 1-by-3 cell array m_props:

Another way to return the same information is to use the syntax:

To return the values for all properties with get, pass just the object name:

To see just the Format field of the returned structure, type

See Also

memmapfile, disp(memmapfile)

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