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Uncompress files in gzip format



gunzip(files) uncompresses gzip-files from the list of files specified in files.

files is a string or cell array of strings containing a list of files or directories. Paths specified in files must be either relative to the current directory or absolute. Directories recursively gunzip all their contents. The output gunzipped files have the same name, excluding the extension .gz, and are written to the same directory as the input files.

gunzip(files,outputdir) writes the gunzipped file into the directory outputdir. outputdir is created if it does not exist.

gunzip(url, ...) extracts the gzip contents from an Internet universal resource locator (URL). The URL must include the protocol type (e.g., 'http://'). The URL is downloaded to the temp directory and deleted.

filenames = gunzip(...) gunzips the files and returns the relative pathnames of the gunzipped files in the string cell array filenames.


To gunzip all .gz files in the current directory,

To gunzip Cleve Moler's "Numerical Computing with MATLAB" examples to the output directory ncm:

See Also

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