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Establish inferior class relationship



The inferiorto function establishes a hierarchy that determines the order in which MATLAB calls object methods.

inferiorto('class1', 'class2', ...) invoked within a class constructor method (say myclass.m) indicates that myclass's method should not be invoked if a function is called with an object of class myclass and one or more objects of class class1, class2, and so on.


Suppose A is of class 'class_a', B is of class 'class_b' and C is of class 'class_c'. Also suppose the constructor class_c.m contains the statement inferiorto('class_a'). Then e = fun(a, c) or e = fun(c, a) invokes class_a/fun.

If a function is called with two objects having an unspecified relationship, the two objects are considered to have equal precedence, and the leftmost object's method is called. So fun(b, c) calls class_b/fun, while fun(c, b) calls class_c/fun.

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