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Display Property Inspector



inspect creates a separate Property Inspector window to enable the display and modification of the properties of any object you select in the figure window or Layout Editor. If no object is selected, the Property Inspector is blank.

inspect(h) creates a Property Inspector window for the object whose handle is h.

inspect([h1,h2,...]) creates a Property Inspector window for the objects whose handles are elements of the vector [h1,h2,...]. If the objects are of different types, the inspector displays only those properties the objects have in common.

To change the value of any property, click on the property name shown at the left side of the window, and then enter the new value in the field at the right.


Create a COM Excel server and open a Property Inspector window with inspect:

Scroll down until you see the DefaultFilePath property. Click on the property name shown at the left. Then replace the text at the right with C:\ExcelWork.

Check this field in the MATLAB command window and confirm that it has changed:

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