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Create or position a light object in spherical coordinates



lightangle(az,el) creates a light at the position specified by azimuth and elevation. az is the azimuthal (horizontal) rotation and el is the vertical elevation (both in degrees). The interpretation of azimuth and elevation is the same as that of the view command.

light_handle = lightangle(az,el) creates a light and returns the handle of the light in light_handle.

lightangle(light_handle,az,el) sets the position of the light specified by light_handle.

[az,el] = lightangle(light_handle) returns the azimuth and elevation of the light specified by light_handle.


By default, when a light is created, its style is infinite. If the light handle passed in to lightangle refers to a local light, the distance between the light and the camera target is preserved as the position is changed.


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