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Convert real Schur form to complex Schur form



The complex Schur form of a matrix is upper triangular with the eigenvalues of the matrix on the diagonal. The real Schur form has the real eigenvalues on the diagonal and the complex eigenvalues in 2-by-2 blocks on the diagonal.

[U,T] = rsf2csf(U,T) converts the real Schur form to the complex form.

Arguments U and T represent the unitary and Schur forms of a matrix A, respectively, that satisfy the relationships: A = U*T*U' and U'*U = eye(size(A)). See schur for details.


Given matrix A,

with the eigenvalues

Generating the Schur form of A and converting to the complex Schur form

yields a triangular matrix T whose diagonal (underlined here for readability) consists of the eigenvalues of A.

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