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Triangular surface plot



trisurf(Tri,X,Y,Z) displays triangles defined in the m-by-3 face matrix Tri as a surface. Each row of Tri defines a single triangular face by indexing into the vectors or matrices that contain the X, Y, and Z vertices.

trisurf(Tri,X,Y,Z,C) specifies color defined by C in the same manner as the surf function. MATLAB performs a linear transformation on this data to obtain colors from the current colormap.

trisurf(...'PropertyName',PropertyValue...) specifies additional patch property names and values for the patch graphics object created by the function.

h = trisurf(...) returns a patch handle.


Create vertex vectors and a face matrix, then create a triangular surface plot.

See Also

patch, surf, tetramesh, trimesh, triplot, delaunay

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