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Displaying Truecolor Images

Truecolor images, also called RGB images, represent color values directly, rather than through a colormap. A truecolor image is an m-by-n-by-3 array. For each pixel (r,c) in the image, the color is represented by the triplet (r,c,1:3).

To display a truecolor image, using either imshow or imtool, specify the image matrix as an argument. For example, this code reads a truecolor image into the MATLAB workspace and then displays the image. This documentation uses the variable name RGB to represent a truecolor image in the workspace


Systems that use 24 bits per screen pixel can display truecolor images directly, because they allocate 8 bits (256 levels) each to the red, green, and blue color planes. On systems with fewer colors, imshow displays the image using a combination of color approximation and dithering. See Working with Different Screen Bit Depths for more information.

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