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Understanding Handle Graphics Object Property Settings

When you display an image, imshow and imtool set the Handle Graphics properties that control how the image is displayed. The following table lists the relevant properties and their settings for each image type. The table uses standard toolbox terminology to refer to the various image types: X represents an indexed image, I represents a grayscale image, BW represents a binary image, and RGB represents a truecolor image.

Handle Graphics Property
Indexed Images
Intensity (Grayscale) Images
Binary Images
Truecolor (RGB) Images
CData (Image)
Set to the data in X
Set to the data in I
Set to data in BW
Set to data in RGB
CDataMapping (Image)
Set to 'direct'
Set to 'scaled'
Set to 'direct'
Ignored when CData is 3-D
CLim (Axes)
Does not apply
double: [0 1]
:  [0 255]
[0 65535]
Set to [0 1]
Ignored when CData is 3-D
Colormap (Figure)
Set to data in map
Set to grayscale colormap
Set to a grayscale colormap whose values range from black to white
Ignored when CData is 3-D

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