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Opening the Image Tool

To start the Image Tool, use the imtool function. When called without any arguments,

opens an empty Image Tool window.

You can also call imtool specifying the name of the MATLAB workspace variable that contains image data.

Alternatively, you can specify the name of the graphics file containing the image.

This syntax can be useful for scanning through graphics files. Note, however, that when you use this syntax, the image data is not stored in a MATLAB workspace variable. For more information, see the imtool function reference page.

Bringing Images into the Image Tool

Once started, you can launch another Image Tool from within an Image Tool by using the New option from the File menu.

You can bring an image into an open Image Tool by using either the Open and Import from Workspace options from the File menu. If the Image Tool already contains an image, it launches another Image Tool containing the image you select. For more information, see Importing Image Data from the Workspace.

To bring the image displayed in the Image Tool into the workspace, you must use the getimage function or the Export from Workspace option from the Image Tool File menu -- see Exporting the Image to the Workspace.

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