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Pixel Region tool



impixelregion creates a Pixel Region display tool associated with the image displayed in the current figure, called the target image.

The Pixel Region tool opens a separate figure window containing an extreme close-up view of a small region of pixels in the target image, shown in the following figure. The tool superimposes the numeric value of the pixel over each pixel. To define the region being examined, the tool overlays a rectangle on the target image, called the pixel region rectangle. To view pixels in a different region, click and drag the rectangle over the target image.

impixelregion(h) creates a Pixel Region tool associated with the object specified by the handle h. h can be a handle to a figure, axes, uipanel, or image object. If h is a handle to an axes or figure, impixelregion associates the tool with the first image found in the axes or figure.

hfig=impixelregion(...) returns hfig, a handle of the Pixel Region tool figure.


To create a Pixel Region tool that can be embedded in an existing figure window or uipanel, use impixelregionpanel.


This example displays an image and then creates a Pixel Region tool associated with the image.

See Also

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