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Perform top-hat filtering



IM2 = imtophat(IM,SE) performs morphological top-hat filtering on the grayscale or binary input image IM using the structuring element SE, where SE is returned by strel. SE must be a single structuring element object, not an array containing multiple structuring element objects.

IM2 = imtophat(IM,NHOOD), where NHOOD is an array of 0's and 1's that specifies the size and shape of the structuring element, is the same as imptophat(IM,strel(NHOOD)).

Class Support

IM can be numeric or logical and must be nonsparse. The output image IM2 has the same class as the input image. If the input is binary (logical), the structuring element must be flat.


You can use top-hat filtering to correct uneven illumination when the background is dark. This example uses top-hat filtering with a disk-shaped structuring element to remove the uneven background illumination from an image.

  1. Read an image into the MATLAB workspace.
  2. Create the structuring element and perform top-hat filtering of the image.
  3. Use imadjust to improve the visibility of the result.

See Also

imbothat, strel

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