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Align figure windows



iptwindowalign(fixed_fig, fixed_fig_edge, moving_fig,... moving_fig_edge) moves the figure moving_fig to align it with the figure fixed_fig. moving_fig and fixed_fig are handles to figure objects.

fixed_fig_edge and moving_fig_edge describe the alignment of the figures in relation to their edges and can take any of the following values: 'left', 'right', 'hcenter', 'top', 'bottom', or 'vcenter'. 'hcenter' means center horizontally and 'vcenter' means center vertically. The following figure shows these alignments.


The two specified locations must be consistent in terms of their direction. For example, you cannot specify 'left' for fixed_fig_edge and 'bottom' for moving_fig_edge.

iptwindowalign constrains the position adjustment of moving_fig to keep it entirely visible on the screen.


Create two figures: fig1 and fig2.

Move fig2 so its left edge is aligned with the right edge of fig1.

Move fig2 so its top edge is aligned with fig1's bottom edge, and then move it so the two figures are vertically centered.

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