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Example: Building a Pixel Information GUI

This example shows how to use the tools to create a simple GUI. If your work typically requires information about the pixels in an image, you might want to create a custom image display function that provides this information. You can do this by using the three modular tools that provide pixel information:

This example creates a simple image display function that includes these tools. In this GUI, the Pixel Region tool is embedded in the same figure window as the target image. The example suppresses the figure window toolbar and menu bar, because the standard figure zoom tools are not compatible with the toolbox modular navigation tools -- see Adding Navigation Aids to a GUI.

To use the tool, pass it an image that is already in the MATLAB workspace.

The tool opens a figure window, displaying the image in the upper half and the three pixel information modular tools, the Pixel Information tool, Display Range tool, and the Pixel Region tool, in the lower half.

Custom Image Display Tool with Pixel Information

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