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Set block values in quadtree decomposition



J = qtsetblk(I,S,dim,vals) replaces each dim-by-dim block in the quadtree decomposition of I with the corresponding dim-by-dim block in vals. S is the sparse matrix returned by qtdecomp; it contains the quadtree structure. vals is a dim-by-dim-by-k array, where k is the number of dim-by-dim blocks in the quadtree decomposition.

Class Support

I can be of class logical, uint8, uint16, int16, single, or double. S is of class sparse.


The ordering of the blocks in vals must match the columnwise order of the blocks in I. For example, if vals is 4-by-4-by-2, vals(:,:,1) contains the values used to replace the first 4-by-4 block in I, and vals(:,:,2) contains the values for the second 4-by-4 block.


See Also

qtdecomp, qtgetblk

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