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Function Reference

Functions -- Categorical List

This section provides brief descriptions of all the functions in the Image Processing Toolbox. The functions are listed in tables in the following broad categories.

If you know the name of a function, use Functions -- Alphabetical List to find the reference page.
Image Input, Output, and Display
Functions for importing, exporting, and displaying images and converting between image formats
Modular Interactive Tools
Functions for creating the modular interactive tools, with associated utility functions.
Spatial Transformation and Registration
Functions for performing spatial transformations and image registration
Image Analysis and Statistics
Functions for performing image analysis and getting pixel values and statistics
Image Arithmetic
Functions for performing arithmetic operations on images, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
Image Enhancement and Restoration
Functions for image enhancement and restoration, such as deblurring
Linear Filtering and Transforms
Functions for creating and using linear filters and transforms
Morphological Operations
Functions for performing morphological image processing
Region-Based, Neighborhood, and Block Processing
Functions to define regions of interest and operate on these regions
Colormap and Color Space Functions
Functions for working with image color
Miscellaneous Functions
Functions that perform array operations, and set and get Image Processing Toolbox preferences

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