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Starting and Stopping VNC

Before starting VNC be sure the vncserver Perl script has the correct path to the Perl executable at the top of the script. Fix the path if it is incorrect. The default script makes reasonable assumptions about the geometry and color requirements of your virtual X display. If you need to change the assumptions, you can specify different geometry and color requirements on the command line or edit the vncserver script. See the README file with the VNC distribution for additional details or the online documentation at the Web site. Type

for information about arguments to the script.

The first time you run the vncserver, you will be prompted for a password. This password controls access to the VNC viewer, which is not used with the Web Server.

You do not have to specify a display number when starting the VNC server, but it is best to specify one to prevent any potential conflict with the main X display, which is normally 0.

Starting VNC

To start the VNC server, enter

where number is something other than 0. 1 is a good value. Set the DISPLAY variable to :<number> in your configuration file or use '-display :<number>' when starting the Web Server via the webstart or webboot script.

If your Web Server application requires MATLAB to render better color than the default, set the depth argument when you start the VNC server

where <depth> is either 16 or 24.

Stopping VNC

To stop the VNC server, enter

where number is the same as that used to start the server.

After stopping the VNC server, it takes about 30 seconds for the socket to time out and clear, so wait a while after stopping the server before restarting it.

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