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When matlabserver starts up, it looks in the file matlabserver.conf for its initial setting data. On Windows NT the installation procedure creates this file in the <matlab>/webserver directory while installing the MATLAB Web Server. On other systems you must first run the webconf script to establish values for some of the arguments in the file before starting the MATLAB Web Server.

Configuration settings must appear on the first line of the matlabserver.conf file. Basic options that can go on the first line include:

You can also specify additional settings related to troubleshooting. See Troubleshooting Web Server for details.

Additional lines appear in the Solaris/Linux matlabserver.conf file, starting on line 2, to specify various shell variables that fully specify the environment. Note that the values for the variables can contain references to other shell variables using the normal shell $ notation.

Table 3-1: Additional Environment Variables for Solaris/Linux
Distinguishes multiple servers in one configuration file. Usually blank.
Hostname where matlabserver will run.
Username of user who will start the server. (Do not start as root. It causes a security problem.)
String normally obtained from $MATLAB/.VERSION file. Used in constructing matlabserver log files.
Architecture of matlabserver to run.
Location of MATLAB to be started by matlabserver.
X Window display. Use -nodisplay if no MATLAB graphical display is required.
MATLAB license file.
String used to construct various log files.
matlabserver log file used for debugging. To turn on add -f $SLOG_FILE on first line.
matlabserver error log file. Turned on automatically. Use webstat to view.
File containing the process ID of the matlabserver process.
Time in seconds to check for a valid X Window display.

Changing Initial Data

Edit matlabserver.conf on Windows NT. On Solaris/Linux run the webconf script to initialize the matlabserver.conf file. Edit this file if you want to change options further, particularly those that webconf cannot set on the command line. To see any changes you have made to matlabserver.conf, you need to stop and restart the MATLAB Web Server.

Table 3-1: matlabserver Basic Options 
-p [n]
Port matlabserver listens on. Default is 8888.
-m [n]
MATLABs to run. Default is 1.
-o timeout
Number of seconds to wait for matlabserver to start (range from 1 to 32000). Default is 300.
-a path
Path prepended to the MATLAB path at startup No default.

Type matlabserver -h on Windows NT (webconf -h on Solaris/Linux) for a list of additional editable matlabserver.conf options.

If matlabserver cannot locate a matlabserver.conf file, it uses the defaults.

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