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Creating Input Documents

Input Template

The file input_template.html provides the code needed to create a MATLAB Web Server input document. An abbreviated version looks like

webmagic Input

Examine the significant part of the source for webmagic1.html.

The line

calls matweb, the entry point to the MATLAB Web Server. matweb.exe is the Microsoft Windows NT name of the program used by the MATLAB Web Server to extract data from HTML forms. On Solaris/Linux this program is called just matweb. We refer to the program as matweb throughout this document except when the platform distinction is important. matweb is described more thoroughly in the next chapter.

The next line

provides the name of the MATLAB M-file (mlmfile) to run. In this application the M-file is named webmagic.

Lastly, the input

passes to webmagic.m a two-character field named msize, which contains the size of the magic square to compute.

To display the input document and run the magic squares demonstration locally on your computer, start your Web browser and set the URL to

The magic squares input document, webmagic1.html, is displayed in your browser.


Enter the size of the magic square matrix you want to compute and press Submit.

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