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This section discusses techniques for plotting data and provides examples showing how to plot, annotate, and print graphs.
MATLAB Plotting Tools
Creating plots and setting graphic object properties
Data Exploration Tools
Tools to extract information from graphs interactively
Annotating Graphs
Adding annotations, axis labels, titles, and legends to graphs
Basic Plotting Commands
Plotting vector and matrix data in 2-D representations
Creating Specialized Plots
Creating bar graphs, histograms, contour plots, and other specialized plots
Displaying Bit-Mapped Images
Displaying and modifying bit-mapped images with MATLAB®
Printing and Exporting
Printing graphs on paper and exporting graphs to standard graphic file formats
Handle Graphics Objects
MATLAB graphics objects and properties
Figure Properties
How to use figure properties
Axes Properties
How to use axes properties

Related Information
These other sections provide additional information about plotting.
3-D Visualization
Using viewing and lighting techniques to achieve complex graphic effects
Creating Graphical User Interfaces
How to include menus, push buttons, text boxes, and other user interface objects in MATLAB applications

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