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Creating Graphical User Interfaces

These sections describe how to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using GUIDE, the MATLAB® graphical user interface development environment.
Getting Started with GUIDE
Introduction to GUIDE
Creating a GUI
Quickly gets you started with GUIDE by showing an example of creating a GUI
Laying Out GUIs and Setting Properties
Overview of GUIDE layout techniques and tools
Programming GUIs
Programming the M-file that controls your GUI
GUI Applications
Examples of GUI applications illustrating various techniques
Working with Callbacks (Draft)
This chapter attempts to bring information regarding the use of callbacks into one place. It introduces the concepts and mechanisms with which you work, and explains some basic techniques for programming your GUI's behavior. It is not yet complete, but you may find it useful, even in its current state, particularly if you are new to creating GUIs.

Related Information

These sections provide information that is also useful when creating GUIs.
GUI Function Reference
Reference pages for the Uicontrols that create user interface components and control GUI programs
Handle Graphics Objects
Describes handle graphics objects, which GUIDE uses to implement GUI figures
How to program subfunctions -- the callbacks that GUIs components execute
Describes structures that GUIDE uses to store object handles and to manage shared data
Example -- Using Function Handles in a GUI
Example of how to create a GUI outside of GUIDE

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