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Running Functions--Command Window and History

If you are viewing this document in the Help browser, you can watch the Desktop and Command Window video demo and the Command History video demo for an overview of the major functionality. The Command Window is where you run (execute) MATLAB statements, while the Command History is a log of the statements you have run.
Opening the Command Window
Access the Command Window.
Running Functions and Programs, and Entering Variables
Enter statements at the prompt. Run M-files, interrupt programs, run external programs, and examine errors. Evaluate and open selections.
Controlling Input
Consider case sensitivity, enter long statements, edit statements, and use syntax highlighting and keyboard shortcuts.
Controlling Output
Suppress, page and format output, clear and print contents, and save a session.
Searching in the Command Window
Use the Find dialog or incremental search features to find content in the Command Window.
Preferences for the Command Window
Specify options for text, display, the keyboard, and indenting.
Command History
View session histories. Run statements, copy entries, search, and print the history. Set preferences.
Preferences for Command History
Specify how often to automatically save the history file and the types of statements to exclude.

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