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Opening the Command Window

The Command Window is one of the main tools you use to enter data, run MATLAB functions and other M-files, and display results. If you are viewing this document in the Help browser, you can watch the Desktop and Command Window video demo for an overview of the major functionality.

When the Command Window is not open, access it by selecting Command Window from the Desktop menu. Alternatively, open the Command Window with the commandwindow function.

If you prefer a simple command line interface without the other MATLAB desktop tools, select Desktop -> Desktop Layout -> Command Window Only. For more information, see Arranging the Desktop--Overview.

The Command Window prompt, >>, is where you enter statements. For example, you can enter a MATLAB function with arguments, or assign values to variables. The prompt indicates that MATLAB is ready to accept input from you. When you see the prompt, you can enter a variable or run a statement. This prompt is also known as the command line.

Image of empty MATLAB Command Window

When MATLAB displays the K>> prompt in the Command Window, MATLAB is in debug mode. Type dbquit to return to normal mode. For more information, see Editing and Debugging M-Files.

MATLAB displays the EDU>> prompt for the MATLAB Student Version.

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