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Tiled Documents in Desktop Example

When you open a document (for example, an M-file), it also opens the tool (for example, the Editor/Debugger). If tools or documents are outside the desktop, you can move them inside by clicking the Dock button  in the tool's title bar and in any separate document menu bars, or by using the Desktop -> Dock menu items.

Select Window -> Left/Right Split or use the Left/Right Split button to show two M-files in side-by-side tiles.

When tools and documents are docked, you might want to save space by hiding toolbars and document bars. Here, the shortcuts toolbar is hidden. Select Desktop -> Toolbar name to hide (or show) a toolbar. To see or move the document bar, select Desktop -> Document Bar, and choose its location, for example, Top.

Image of MATLAB desktop showing Editor in the top portion, and the Command Window below it. The Editor has two M-file open, arranged side-by-side.

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