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No Empty Document Tiles Example

To hide a document under another, drag a document's title bar on top of another document. The document on top fully covers the document underneath. This gives more space to the active document. To see hidden documents, use the Window menu or document bar.

To show two documents at once, use a split arrangement. To see more than two documents at once, select the Tile button and move the cursor across the grid menu to select the number of tiles you want. The grid in the following "before" illustration has four tiles, but there are only three documents open. (The empty tile is gray in the menu.) You can move a document to any empty tile by dragging its title bar to the new location. To close an empty tile, position the cursor over the handle Image of Editor showing three open documents arranged in a grid. The fourth tile in the grid is empty. on the separator bar. It becomes a Close box, as shown here, which you click to close the empty tile. After clicking the Close box, the empty tile closes and the neighboring document expands as shown in the following "after" illustration. Similarly, click the Close box between two tiles containing documents, and one becomes hidden.

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