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Start Button for Accessing Tools

The MATLAB Start button provides easy access to tools, demos, and documentation for all your MathWorks products. From it, you can also create and run MATLAB shortcuts, which are groups of MATLAB statements.

Using the Start Button

  1. Click the Start button to view a menu of product categories and desktop tools installed on your system. As an alternative, press Alt+S to view the Start button contents. In the following illustration, MATLAB is selected.

    Image of MATLAB Start button open, showing MATLAB selected, and from the MATLAB entries, the GUIDE (GUI Builder) entry selected.

  2. From the menu and submenu items, select an item to open it. Use the icons to quickly locate a type of product or tool--see the following description of icons.

For example, select Start -> MATLAB -> GUIDE (GUI Builder) to open that tool.

Icons in the Start Button.   Icons help you quickly locate a particular type of product or tool. This table describes the action performed when you select an entry with one of these icons in the Start button.

Description of Action When Opened 
Documentation icon
Documentation for that product opens in the Help browser.
Demo icon
Demos for the product are listed in the Help browser Demos pane.
Tool icon
Selected tool opens.
Simulink icon
Block library opens.
Web icon
Document opens in your system Web browser.

Customizing the Start Button

You can add your own toolboxes to the Start button. Select Start -> Desktop Tools -> View Source Files to open the Start Button Configuration Files dialog box. For more information, click the Help button in the dialog box to display the online documentation Adding Your Own Toolboxes to the Development Environment.

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