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Shortcuts for MATLAB--Easily Run a Group of Statements

A MATLAB shortcut is an easy way to run a group of MATLAB functions that you use regularly. These topics are covered:

What Is a Shortcut?

A MATLAB shortcut is an easy way to run a group of MATLAB statements. First you create a shortcut that contains all the statements. Then you select and run the shortcut to execute all the statements it contains. Create, run, and organize shortcuts from the Start -> Shortcuts menu or the desktop Shortcuts toolbar.

Differences Between Shortcuts and M-Files.   A shortcut is like an M-file script, but unlike an M-file, a shortcut does not have to be on the MATLAB search path or in the current directory when you run it. In addition, you can run the shortcut by selecting it from the Start button or desktop Shortcuts toolbar, which are readily accessible.

Although shortcuts run MATLAB statements, they are not M-files and are not stored as M-files.

Examples of Useful Shortcuts

These are some examples of useful types of shortcuts:

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