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Return maximum double-precision floating-point integer



bitmax returns the maximum unsigned double-precision floating-point integer for your computer. It is the value when all bits are set, namely the value .


Display in different formats the largest floating point integer and the largest 32 bit unsigned integer:

In the second bitmax statement, the last 13 hex digits of bitmax are f, corresponding to 52 1's (all 1's) in the mantissa of the binary representation. The first 3 hex digits correspond to the sign bit 0 and the 11 bit biased exponent 10000110011 in binary (1075 in decimal), and the actual exponent is (1075-1023) = 52. Thus the binary value of bitmax is 1.111...111 x 2^52 with 52 trailing 1's, or 2^53-1.

See Also

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