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Control camera toolbar programmatically



cameratoolbar creates a new toolbar that enables interactive manipulation of the axes camera and light when users drag the mouse on the figure window. Several axes camera properties are set when the toolbar is initialized.

camreatoolbar('NoReset') creates the toolbar without setting any camera properties.

cameratoolbar('SetMode',mode) sets the toolbar mode (depressed button). mode can be: 'orbit', 'orbitscenelight', 'pan', 'dollyhv', 'dollyfb', 'zoom', 'roll', 'nomode'.

cameratoolbar('SetCoordSys',coordsys) sets the principal axis of the camera motion. coordsys can be: 'x', 'y', 'z', 'none'.

cameratoolbar('Show') shows the toolbar on the current figure.

cameratoolbar('Hide') hides the toolbar on the current figure.

cameratoolbar('Toggle') toggles the visibility of the toolbar.

cameratoolbar('ResetCameraAndSceneLight') resets the current camera and scenelight.

cameratoolbar('ResetCamera') resets the current camera.

cameratoolbar('ResetSceneLight') resets the current scenelight.

cameratoolbar('ResetTarget') resets the current camera target.

mode = cameratoolbar('GetMode') returns the current mode.

paxis = cameratoolbar('GetCoordsys') returns the current principal axis.

vis = cameratoolbar('GetVisible') returns the visibility of the toolbar (1 if visible, 0 if not visible).

cameratoolbar(fig,...) specifies the figure to operate on by passing the figure handle as the first argument.

h = cameratoolbar returns the handle to the toolbar.

cameratoolbar('Close') removes the toolbar from the current figure.

Note that, in general, the use of OpenGL hardware improves rendering performance.

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