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Move the camera position and target



camdolly moves the camera position and the camera target by the specified amounts.

camdolly(dx,dy,dz) moves the camera position and the camera target by the specified amounts (see "Coordinate Systems").

camdolly(dx,dy,dz,'targetmode') The targetmode argument can take on two values that determine how MATLAB moves the camera:

camdolly(dx,dy,dz,'targetmode','coordsys') The coordsys argument can take on three values that determine how MATLAB interprets dx, dy, and dz:

Coordinate Systems

camdolly(axes_handle,...) operates on the axes identified by the first argument, axes_handle. When you do not specify an axes handle, camdolly operates on the current axes.


camdolly sets the axes CameraPosition and CameraTarget properties, which in turn causes the CameraPositionMode and CameraTargetMode properties to be set to manual.


This example moves the camera along the x- and y-axes in a series of steps.

See Also

axes, campos, camproj, camtarget, camup, camva

The axes properties CameraPosition, CameraTarget, CameraUpVector, CameraViewAngle, Projection

Controlling the Camera Viewpoint for related functions

See Defining Scenes with Camera Graphics for more information on camera properties.

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