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Check files into source control system (UNIX only)

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the checkin function, use Source Control -> Check In in the File menu of the Editor/Debugger, Simulink, or Stateflow, or in the context menu of the Current Directory browser.



checkin('filename','comments','comment_text') checks in the file named filename to the source control system. Use the full path for filename and include the file extension. You must save the file before checking it in, but the file can be open or closed. The comment_text argument is a MATLAB string containing checkin comments for the source control system. You must supply comments and comment_text.

checkin({'filename1','filename2'},'comments','comment_text') checks in the files filename1 through filenamen to the source control system. Use the full paths for the files and include file extensions. Comments apply to all files checked in.

checkin('filename','comments', 'comment_text','option','value') provides additional checkin options. For multiple filenames, use an array of strings instead of filename, that is, {'filename1','filename2',...}. Options apply to all filenames. The option and value arguments are shown in the following table.

option Argument
value Argument

filename is checked in even if the file has not changed since it was checked out.

'off' (default)

filename is not checked in if there were no changes since checkout.

filename is checked in with comments, and is automatically checked out.
'off' (default)
filename is checked in with comments but does not remain checked out.


Check In a File


checks the file /myserver/mymfiles/clock.m into the source control system, with the comment Adjustment for leapyear.

Check In Multiple Files


checks the two files into the source control system, using the same comment for each.

Check In a File and Keep It Checked Out


checks the file /myserver/mymfiles/clock.m into the source control system and keeps the file checked out.

See Also

checkout, cmopts, undocheckout

For Windows platforms, use verctrl.

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