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List M-file debugging functions

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the debugging functions, you can use debugging features in the Debug menu and toolbar buttons of the Editor/Debugger.


debug lists M-file debugging functions.

Use debugging functions (listed in the See Also section) to help you identify problems in your M-files. Set breakpoints using dbstop. When MATLAB encounters a breakpoint during execution, it enters debug mode, the Editor/Debugger becomes active, and the prompt in the Command Window changes to a K>>. Any MATLAB command is allowed at the prompt. To resume execution, use dbcont or dbstep. To exit from debugging mode, use dbquit.

See Also

dbclear, dbcont, dbdown, dbquit, dbstack, dbstatus, dbstep, dbstop, dbtype, dbup

Debugging M- Files in the MATLAB Desktop Tools and Development Environment documentation

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