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Display online documentation in Help browser

Graphical Interface

As an alternative to the doc function, use the Help browser Search tab. Type the function name and click Go.



doc opens the Help browser, if it is not already running, or brings the window to the top when it is already open.

doc functionname displays the reference page for the MATLAB function functionname in the Help browser (for example, you are looking at the reference page for the doc function). If functionname is overloaded, that is, if functionname appears in multiple directories on the MATLAB search path, doc displays the reference page for the first functionname on the search path and displays a hyperlinked list of the other functions and their directories in the MATLAB Command Window. If a reference page for functionname does not exist, doc displays its M-file help in the Help browser.

doc toolboxname displays the roadmap page for toolboxname in the Help browser, which provides a summary of the most pertinent documentation for that product.

doc toolboxname/functionname displays the reference page for the functionname that belongs to the specified toolboxname, in the Help browser. This is useful for overloaded functions.


Type doc abs to display the reference page for the abs function. If Simulink and the Signal Processing Toolbox are installed and on the search path, the Command Window lists hyperlinks for the abs function in those products:

Type doc signal/abs to display the reference page for the abs function in the Signal Processing Toolbox.

Type doc signal to display the roadmap page for the Signal Processing Toolbox.

See Also

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