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This function is OBSOLETE.



Use figflag to determine if a particular figure exists, bring a figure to the foreground, or set the window focus to a figure.

[flag] = figflag('figurename') returns a 1 if the figure named 'figurename' exists and sends the figure to the foreground; otherwise this function returns 0.

[flag,fig] = figflag('figurename') returns a 1 in flag, returns the figure's handle in fig, and sends the figure to the foreground, if the figure named 'figurename' exists. Otherwise this function returns 0.

[...] = figflag('figurename',silent) pops the figure window to the foreground if silent is 0, and leaves the figure in its current position if silent is 1.


To determine if a figure window named 'Fluid Jet Simulation' exists, type

MATLAB returns

If two figures with handles 1 and 3 have the name 'Fluid Jet Simulation', MATLAB returns

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